Primitives by Kathy

Kathy earned her chops the hard way, working for her mother, an owner of a small craft and gift shop in Lancaster County. Kathy’s 10-year experience offered her insight into what would or would not sell and how customers reacted to her mother’s marketing techniques. It also formed an extremely hard-working visionary.

This prompted a dream of her own creations. Eventually Kathy, fueled with the vision of the kind of product she wanted to create and how to sell it, ventured out on her own with a single product that went straight to the top of the charts- Primitives by Kathy was born.

That was 15 years ago. Kathy Phillips never looked back. Her product line set the standard for classic, American Country décor and now, gifts with a vintage bon mot flair. Every piece is a tribute to high quality, and excellent price points.

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